Porter good moving companies to improve treatment

45 years old from Henan Li Qiang, fruit rich fruit in central China for 3 years Porter. This year, his base salary rise from 200 Yuan to 300 yuan, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also received a box of moon cakes. Nowadays, porters, the bosses of the UK fruit improved the treatment of porters.
it is understood that the handling in the fruit market and directly linked to the amount of remuneration, such as moving a ton of fruit crop 15, generally do not have floor. working hours are more concentrated in the early morning hours a day income of 30 to 60 Yuan. , General Manager of rich fruit Zeng Xiangshun introduced late last year, the extremely tight fruit Porter, a fruit Porter out of 200 floor, and offer a free lunch, then some fruit to follow suit. Now the worker's base salary was increased to 300 yuan, and offers lunch and dinner.
Zeng Xiangshun says the fruit even improving the treatment of porters, are unable to guarantee the stability of employment, if within the fruit market set up a specialized moving company, gave Porter the benefits, may be able to solve the problem of employment.

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