Moving and transportation industry to launch trade self-discipline price

On October 20, the transport sector will further standardize the XI ' an city, moving and transportation market, uniform application of the trade self-discipline price clearly within 10 km, the second floor (second floor) price of 180 yuan per car; more than 10 km, starting at $ 180 per car, calculated at 5 Yuan per kilometer per vehicle beyond km.
at present, moving and transportation has been formed in XI ' an city moving and transportation businesses more than more than 70 households, due to domestic factors such as the effects of rising fuel prices, moving and transportation costs rose, most moving and transportation enterprises in a State of profit or potential losses.
to keep moved transport industry sustainable development, established reasonable of moved transport charges standard, City Road Transport Association and industry management sector, according to national about regulations, by market research and freight costing, decided from October 20 began, on moved transport price implemented industry self-discipline pricing, while developed has moved transport industry behavior specification Convention, on violation Convention and the about provides of enterprise, one-time deduction by paid of 3000 Yuan business behavior margin.
while announced of Xian City moved transport price charges guidelines clear provides: 10 km within, II layer following (containing two layer) each car base price 180 yuan, two layer above each upper and lower a layer each car added received 10 Yuan, customer in moved transport process in the requirements more at spell handling, and in same transport line interval within, each increased a at added received 30 yuan, not in same transport line interval within (5 km within) each increased a at added received 80 Yuan, not containing upper and lower floors fee. More than 10 km, starting at $ 180 per car, calculated at 5 Yuan per kilometer per vehicle beyond km.
case of high-rise elevator handling, every train to a transit charge 30 yuan. As a result of poor customer, cause the lift to use delay (over 1 hour) per hour to 20 RMB delay charge.
Piano moving prices start 180 yuan, plus 10 Yuan each. Handling safe calculated according to the specifications of more than 1 meter (1 m) starts at 100, starting at 1 m 50, plus 10 Yuan each next layer. Such as moving vehicles in transit en route, required payment of crossing, bridges, tunnels, parking and other fees shall be borne by the customer. BACK

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