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Shanghai Johnson moving transport Ltd is a regular unit is specialized in moving, moving, transportation, logistics, air conditioning equipment, relocation, furniture disassembly and Assembly of the machine industries. Company scale constantly development grow, Shanghai Johnson moved, and Shanghai moved, and Shanghai moved field, and Shanghai Johnson moved field, and Shanghai moved company, and Shanghai moved field company, and Shanghai Johnson moved company, and Shanghai Johnson moved field company, and Johnson moved company, and Johnson moved field company, and Johnson moved, and Johnson moved field, currently has various vehicles more than 80 more than, various mechanic employees more than 200 more people, is Shanghai city scale larger of moved, and moved field company one of.

uphold the principle of customer first business philosophy, customer service as its mission, the pursuit of safe, efficient, timely and careful service and developed a set of strict management system and procedures for the efficient and fair moving operation, allows customers to worry, rest assured. Proposed life is limited, service unlimited number, attracting the city's tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of government agencies, enterprises, and so on. Business also extends outside the province, won the majority of customers trust and recognition.

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